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A New Adventure

Greetings! We are happy to be back, posting to the blog. Some time has passed since the last news from our farm. During that time, social media sites have grown; it seems everyone has a Twitter or Instagram account. We would like to know what sites our blog readers like to visit. Please take a minute to respond to an informal poll. Thank you in advance!



The farm is still here and the sheep as well. The flock, however, was sold to a fellow shepherdess, Heidi, who has Gotland crosses, Finnsheep, Shetland and Icelandic crosses. Her goal is to breed up the percentage Gotland and breed Finns. The sheep and their llama guardian, Princess, lived on the farm this summer because we have good pasture space. The flock is now at Heidi’s for the winter. I will post more about Heidi and her flock in the future as we are working together to further our woolly goals!

Now that we no longer have sheep, I took a leap into another area that I love, which is color. I have begun hand painting skeins of yarn! Painting combines two of my favorite things — “watercolors” and yarn. Over the next few weeks, I plan on updating the website with more information and photos of available skeins.

A few days ago, Roundabout Acres debuted Roundabout Yarn at a craft fair in Stillwater, Minnesota. My goal was to get feedback. I was hoping to sell two or three skeins to pay for the table and gas. Happily, the feedback on the colors and yarn bases was fantastic! The current yarn bases are super wash or super soft bases that I can wear against my skin. I will post more information in the next few weeks.


Craft Fair at LVH








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Craft Fair

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