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Friday Farm Photo #6

I posted this photo last year after an eagle flew LOW over the barnyard (and my head.)  He rested in a tree in our backyard for about 10 minutes.  I was able to get some great photos of this awesome raptor and his prey.


Our new Finn Ram and a Bald Eagle Blessing

Yesterday, I brought home our new Finnsheep ram lamb.  His name is Little Red Oak Eino; his former Shepherdess was Gail VonBargen at Little Red Oak Farm.  He has soft, kinky light brown (fawn) fleece and a mellow temperament.  His sire is the same color and dam is white with her base coloring unknown at this point.  I think he will make a valuable addition to our farm!

While researching breeds for our farm, I seriously considered Finnsheep.  But the possibility of lamb triplets, quads, etc. was too much for me to comprehend.  Now that we have had sheep for a few years, I don’t find it so intimidating.  I like the breed’s slightly larger size (than Shetland’s) and they are supposed to cross well with Shetlands and give nice fiber.  Once I sell a few of my Shetland ewes, I will add to Finn ewes to the flock.  In the meantime, I will use Eino on several Shetland girls this winter.  My goal is fiber that is a spinner’s delight!  I’m sure he will fit in with with our mellow BFL ram Dougal and his BFL/Cheviot cross son Doogie.  He was born in April; I think he must weigh about 50#.  At least that is what he felt like when I carried him into the truck!

Finn Ram Lamb Eino

Finn Ram Lamb Eino

After I wormed Eino and got him settled into his temporary pen, I began to feed the lambs and ewes some tree branches.  While I was hanging out in the barnyard with them, I had the great honor to spend about 20 minutes in the presence of a bald eagle!  I heard a bird call out, looked in the direction of the call and was surprised by an eagle flying about 10 feet above the barnyard!  As he flew right over my head I could see something was being clutched in his talons.  The eagle landed in a tree in our backyard.  I stood and watched him for a few minutes and then went into the house to get my camera.  I sat on the lawn and took about 20 photos.  How fabulous to live where we can receive visits like this!

I thought at first that he had a rabbit in his talons.  But after looking at the pictures, I think it is a cat or kitten.  TH and I don’t recognize the kitten.  I feel bad for the kitten but am glad it wasn’t one of our our little Shetland lambs.  I see the eagles and hawks circling our fields almost daily.  I guess this is an example of how the Shetland ewes watch over their little lambs.

Bald Eagle in the backyard

Bald Eagle in the backyard

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