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The Etsy Shop is Now Open!

I am excited to announce that Roundabout Yarn Etsy Shop is now open for business! Yaaaayy! Please check out the shop at . Feedback and thoughts are appreciated!


I will end this short post with a photo of a scarf that was the inspiration for one of my favorite color ways, which has not been named yet. Any thoughts??

(As always, click on the photo to enlarge)

Scarf inspiration



The Knitting Clock

I found myself blog surfing tonight. I stumbled upon some pretty neat websites to share!  The first is the Dudecraft blog.  He has a sidebar of links to other crafty blogs.  This very, very cool knitting clock caught my eye.  Click on the link below to see more about the clock.  It’s worth it.  Very cool.

The Knitting Clock.

Then I stumbled upon another neat blog called DollarStoreCrafts.  Who knew one could be so creative with miscellaneous items from the local $1 store?  Click on over to the site and you, too, can learn how to make your very own Alien Abduction Lamp!  I think I will put a llama in mine…

And last, but not least, an inspirational post by another WordPress blogger Yes, David is Here.  Actually, I found the other sites through this blog.  This particular post is about the work of artist Guerra De La Paz.  I haven’t heard of this artist but I am now a fan!  After enjoying the photos of his work, I checked out his website and found more amazing art!

His use of color and recycled clothing is inspiring but I found myself drawn to his works which used camouflage clothing.  Very provocative and thought provoking!

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