We are George and Terri Drimel.  Welcome to our farm and website.  We are born and raised city slickers turned dyed-in-the-wool (pun intended) country folk.  We are blessed to live on a 20-acre farm in East Central Minnesota.  Quite often we fall into bed exhausted after caring for sheep, llamas, dogs and cats AFTER we have already work at an “official” job in St. Paul.  Still, we wake up every morning, happy to be living this life.

Before moving to the farm, we lived within earshot of the Minneapolis International airport — on a very busy four lane street near a bustling intersection.  Constant city noise was the norm.  Airplanes flying overhead, car crashes, a fire station at one end of the block, booming stereos, three gas service stations at the other end of the block….  Constant, unending, noise.  24 hours a day.  The neighborhood served us well while the children were growing up as city kids.  And our family would escape from the city on almost every weekend during the warm months.  We drove to the country, set up tents, fished, canoed, hiked and enjoyed the quiet.

We had a dream of moving to “the country” in about 10 years.  Our plans changed in 2005 when we learned that the city wanted our house for roadway development.  The street intersection had several fatal accidents over the years; the governmental powers wanted to build a roundabout intersection, deemed as more safe.  We attended meetings and received an education in “public participation.”  As they say, “You can’t fight city hall.”  The city got its intersection and we got our farm.

We started with a few llamas which were re-homed with us in a rescue situation.  Shortly after that, the Shetland sheep arrived.  In 2008 we added a Bluefaced Leicester ram and two North Country Cheviot ewes.  After working with and becoming more comfortable as a Shepherdess, I decided to take the plunge in 2009 and start our Finnsheep flock.  After having several lambing seasons under our belt, I am not so intimidated by the thought of Finnsheep “litters” during lambing.  In addition, we have increased our llama herd by adding a few more rescue llamas and breeding female llamas (with fabulous fiber!)

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  1. Posted by Kelly Charpentier on 02/27/2010 at 8:59 AM

    Hi Terri, I am interested in raising Finn and Icelandic sheep I have recently procured three beautiful ewes two Icelandic and one Finn. I am looking to get a Finn ram this year,( and also a couple more ewe lambs) so if you end up with any from your breeding for sale this year I would love to purchase one. If you know of anyone whom would have a Icelandic ram lamb for sale that would also be helpful. The girls have all been breed to an Icelandic ram this year, we are expecting our lambs in April 🙂



    • Hi Kelly – welcome to Shepherding! Keep checking back to see what our two Finn girls have this year. They are due around the first of April. I can’t wait! If they have ram lambs, they will most likely be for sale.



  2. Posted by Marlene Pixley on 06/01/2010 at 2:39 PM

    Hi Terri and George,
    It was so nice visiting with you on Monday.

    Here is the museum schedule for this year as promised. We are cleaning the museum on Saturday June, 12 starting around 10:00 am. We will have a lite lunch at my parents home after we are done cleaning the museum.
    The Museum openings for this year as follows. :
    Weekend of June 26 and 27th.
    Uncle John is having a yard sale as well that weekend, and we have Dale Johnson
    displaying his toy collection on Sunday June 27.
    Sunday August 8th from noon to
    4:00 pm and we have you as our demonstrator for weaving and the lambs. (which I am so excited about!)
    Saturday of August 7th we are hoping to have a float with my Mom and her sisters for the Pine County Fair Parade. The parade I thinks the parade starts at 4:00 pm. and then our last opening for the summer is Sunday, September 5th.

    Please feel free to join us for any of the museum dates or events. We would love to have your help especially for Sunday August 8th. Thanks again Terri and George! Marlene
    PS. Teri I tried to send this message thru my email address but it got returned so I am sending this message thru your website. Marlene



  3. Posted by tony geselle on 03/11/2013 at 1:20 PM

    Hello George and Terri,

    I am just learning about roundabout acres and I live in the area. I am also thinking of making the jump into sheep. I would love to come and see your operation and pick your brain a little about breeds, shelters, and daily routine.





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