Sunny with a 100% Probability of Snow

One week ago, I was in California visiting my son and family.  The temperature was in the 60’s to 70’s with clear blue skies.  It was sunny and dry during the visit; and I was truly able to relax knowing that my Long-Suffering/Trophy Husband was back at home taking care of the critters.  It was wonderful to play with the grandchildren, knit and watch movies.

John, Ashley and the kids. (Hazel, too!)

We went to Joshua Tree National Park one afternoon.  At first, Grandson Liam was confused when he found out the “park” didn’t have a playground.  We had a nice picnic lunch and everyone scrambled on the boulders.  Meanwhile, back at home in Minnesota, a snowstorm was raging!  With a tinge of guilt, I enjoyed a warm, pleasant afternoon in the sun.

Joshua Tree National Park at sunset.

Now back on the farm, I am recovering from a head cold.  Yuck!  And today, more snow is falling out of the sky.  The snow is getting so deep, the animals will be able to walk over the barnyard fences pretty soon.  I dread the thought of shoveling around fencelines…

I took a few photos today of critters in the snow.  (It’s a bit tough to get a really good picture with the white background.)  Enjoy!


Aussie pup Molly (McFluffyButt) and Border Collie Angus (McNeedy)

Finn ram Eino with his girls. The snow-covered sheep in the foreground is black Finn Emmi.

It's warm under all that wool!







7 responses to this post.

  1. It sounds like you had a great vacation! Too bad you brought home a cold. 😦

    Beautiful Pictures!



  2. I love the shot of the national park! And it’s so nice to see your son back home with his family. Sorry about your cold, hope you are feeling better now. Are you crossing your Shetland ewes with the Finn ram? Beautiful snowy sheep shots.



    • Thanks for the comments. Nancy, I think I brought the head cold with me from MN. The symptoms came on a few days after I arrived in Cali. and were raging the day I left. I felt sorry for those near my on the plane… My son and family caught it from me after I left. 😦

      Becky – I bred a moorit Shetland ewe, Bonnie, to Eino. I did not breed Jellybean this year because of her/our experience last year. She makes incredible lambs but I think every other year is enough for her. I still have four Shetland ewes left. They all have nice fleece and personalities and I am not in a rush to sell them. I may breed them all to the Finns next year. Or I may just keep them as fiber pets. 🙂



  3. Posted by Gail on 12/28/2010 at 1:36 AM

    Nice pictures, Terri, and I hope your cold is gone by now. Loved seeing our favorite sheep under snow, and your llama is lovely, too!



  4. Terri, Loved reading some of your blog. Your photos are outstanding. I am loving that photo of the bald eagle. I am going to talk about eagles on the next podcast episode.




    • Hello Paula! Thank you for your comment! I look forward to your podcast on eagles. I really enjoyed your turkey story. I have been thinking I should write a post on podcasts that I enjoy – I will let you know when I do so. Happy New Year!



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