Summertime Family Fun

I missed the last two Friday Posts.  Life has been just a bit busy with family, State Fair and road-trip fun!  Daughter Amanda and her husband Kisu were visiting the last 10 days.  We held a party in their honor as most of the family had not yet met Kisu.  It was a hot day but we had a lot of fun!  Below is a photo of Amanda and Kisu with a few of the “cousins.”

Indian Lamb Burgers with Green Raita Sauce and Red Onions

In addition to standard beef burgers and brats, we grilled three pounds of lamb burgers for folks to try.  It wasn’t enough!  We threw four more pounds of lamb on the grill and everyone loved it.  I used a recipe by Rachel Ray, on the Food Network website (click on the link above.)  I loosely followed the recipe, leaving out a few of the spices.  Also, I couldn’t find greek yogurt.  I bought plain yogurt and drained it in a colander lined with a paper towel.  I let it drain for several hours.  The recipe was delicious and the sauce very tasty!  The smaller burgers fit well on dollar buns from the store.

Amanda made a Korean dish and gave a lesson on using chopsticks.

We played a few yard games and the young ones visited the sheep.

Grand-nephew Kyler stares down mulesheep Duncan.

And what country family get-together would be complete without shotguns?  We shot trap throughout the afternoon and into the evening.  It was a great day!

My father was a Minnesota State trap shooting champion some years back. He hasn't shot trap in years since an eye injury left him partially blind in one eye. After he gave lessons to his grandkids, he took aim. Two and three clays at a time, he shot them all!

I take aim at my clay bird. I shot two for two. Mmm...pheasant hunting will start soon...

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  1. Posted by Mark on 09/02/2010 at 9:04 AM

    Oh dear. Don’t let Troy see the trap shooting pictures, he’ll go nuts. He was out the other night with a “distressed rabbit” call trying to attract fox. He claims it’s for the protection of the hens, but I think he just likes to fire up his rifle.



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