Red, White, and Blue (via Owning Kristina)

This post is for our son John, who is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Happy 4th of July, John. We love you and are so proud. You are an amazing young man!

This is a photo of our son John.  Recently, he was injured by an IED blast. Thank God, he is okay – he has shrapnel in his shoulder but is keeping his spirits high and healing well.  I always knew my son was amazing, but the more I learn of the brave acts that he and our fighting forces are doing over there, the more I am in awe!  He is fighting to help keep our country safe and hopefully bring some of that to the people of Afghanistan.

I liked this post because this is what it is all about – FREEDOM. After looking at the photos, I think we will need to paint a flag on a (fake) llama. 🙂

Red, White, and Blue I didn’t realize, until today,  just how many American flags I’ve photographed over the years; some taken on the 4th, but most were on random days. All of the days, especially the random ones, were days when I was out and about, enjoying my freedom. Here’s to the men and women who’ve made our freedoms possible. For without them, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here sharing my images and thoughts with all of you. Enjoy your freedom on this special … Read More

via Owning Kristina

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  1. Posted by Marianne on 07/06/2010 at 11:13 PM

    Thank you to your son John for working to protect our country. Before I was a sheep farmer, I was a wound nurse – I hope his wounds are healing well. I know of the program for sending care packages to members of the military, but if your son knows of anyone in his unit that doesn’t have any family or friends sending him/her care packages, I would be happy to send their way.
    All the best, Marianne



    • Hi Marianne – thank you for your kind comments. I have seen photos of John’s wound and it looks like it is healing well. Being a nurse myself, I worry about the healing process also. Thank you for the link to – I have added it to my sidebar. I will ask John about care packages and let you know. I have thought I would start a helmit liner knit along also.



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