BP, Boycotts and the Free Market (via The Ve Magni)

I have linked to another WordPress blog post which is a very well written piece of work.  The link is at the bottom of the page, but first a few thoughts of my own.

In the early days of the oil spill, I kept thinking that as unfortunate and environmentally horrible as this disaster is, perhaps it is the wake-up call that we need. The silver lining would be that this event arouses our anger and resolve to the point that we collectively reject our oil dependent ways and turn toward a sustainable future. At least that was my hope during the first few weeks of the spill.

Then I learned that it happens over and over. I did a google search for “oil spill disasters” and was blown away by what I found. Spills are frequent – leading to devastation on the local environment and community. It seems it is just the cost of doing business for the oil companies.

However, the oil companies continue to drill because we continue to demand oil. And here on the farm, we are just as guilty as anyone else who commutes 50 miles one-way to work. We are working on becoming more “green” by planting trees, recycling, composting, and re-purposing items (which farmers have done since the beginning.) I also have a plan to recycle rainwater for the garden this year and buy solar lighting for the barn and landscaping. These things are all good but don’t solve the issue of needing gas for the car so we can get to work.

So while I am actively working to change my own habits, I found myself having an emotional reaction to a report on CNN which suggested that using hay was an excellent way to mop up oil. It seems the oil clings to the hay like a magnet. My first thought was that it was a simple, eco-friendly way to remove some oil. But almost as soon as that thought presented itself I had another thought which caused some anxiety. Hay?! NO! Not hay! Our animals need hay…the price of hay will skyrocket! See what I mean? There are no easy answers.

The photos are from Boston.com

I enjoyed reading the following blog post from The Ve Magni. I wanted to share it as I think the writer makes some great points.

BP, Boycotts and the Free Market I am one of many people who support the growing “Boycott BP” movement. Obviously the oil spill is a huge tragedy, but moreover, I believe the company’s response has been pathetic at best, evil at worst. Using boycotts as a form of protest is nothing new, and no one really can be sure that it will have an effect on a giant oil-sucking corporation. However, since we consumers cast a vote every time we make a purchase, it makes sense not to vote for … Read More

via The Ve Magni

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  1. Posted by Tammy on 06/09/2010 at 12:26 PM

    I also heard that wool was suppose to be great to absorb the oil. Now there is a thought–all that wool that commerical sheep breeders can’t hardly give away (at 20 to 30 cents per pound). Give them a dollar or fifty cents a pound and actually help an industry while trying to save our environment. I’m afraid we are seriously ‘broke’ (not even referring to monetary)in many ways as a country. Many things are appalling and it’s hard to see how change will happen with such a large and diverse population. (diverse in thoughts)



  2. I still hope and pray that this disaster is going to be an impetus for real change.



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