Finnsheep Ram Lambs

Elina’s five week old triplets are really growing and their wool is coming in nicely.  I was able to get a few photos this morning and wanted to post them before I head off to work.  We are keeping the brown spotted ewe lamb Eeva – she is exactly what I was hoping for in lambs this year!  Her brothers Esko and Erno are both for sale.  They carry brown and spots.  Looking at Elina’s pedigree she has more brown in her background than black.  I hope to add more detail to her genetic information this week.  Also, I will be weighing them sometime in the next week and will post the numbers then, but Esko is the larger of the rams.  There is also a photo with Finn ram lamb Elias, black and spotted, carries for brown.

(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Finn ram lambs Esko and Elias (black)

Finn ram lamb Esko

Finn ram lamb Esko

Finn ewe Elina with Erno and Eeva

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