Lamb Photos – Can We Ever Get Enough??

I love looking at lamb photos!  Today I will share some recent shots of our adorable lambs, mostly Finns.  Enjoy!

Finnsheep trip. ewe lamb Eeva

Eeva is no longer receiving a supplemental bottle.  She is a very friendly ewe lamb who runs up to me anytime she sees me.  She loves her chin scratches!  This photo clearly illustrates the color difference between the brown hair on her head, face and legs and the lighter brown of her fleece.  Her fleece color is consistent from tip to root.  I’m not sure of modified colors in Finns yet.  When I compare her color to her sire Eino, she is much lighter; I wonder if she carries a modifier gene and is a fawn color?  It will be fun to watch her color as she grows and I’m anxious to see what she will pass onto her lambs.  I have read on several websites that brown Finn lambs are less than 2% of the Finn population.  I don’t know if this is true and I am looking for a report that verifies this.  When/if I find that information, I will pass it on to you.  I am going to concentrate somewhat on the brown color, not just because it is rare but because I love it in it’s natural state and I’m anxious to try some overdyeing!

Finnsheep trip. ram/whether lamb Esko (For Sale)

This photo was taken right after I removed his fleece jacket.  He is growing nicely and looks to have nice fiber and confirmation.  He is FOR SALE as a breeding ram or he could be whethered.  He carries BROWN and spots.

Finnsheep single ram lamb is spotted and carries brown (Aa/Aa BB/Bb Ss/Ss)

I still haven’t committed to a name for this black Finn ram lamb.  He is growing nicely, is respectfully curious but not overly so, just as a ram should be.  He is spotted black and carries brown and is FOR SALE.

Shetland twin ewe lamb Phyllis loves her chin scratches!

Shetland ewe lamb Phyllis is the one that I had to help deliver.  She and her brother Curly are very friendly; she also runs up to me and waits for a chin scratch.  Her fiber is coming in with a consistent wave – it doesn’t look very crimpy at this point.  Her dam and sire both have great fiber so I’m sure she will.  She will be one of the few Shetlands we keep on our farm.

Finnsheep triplet lambs with shetland mule ram lamb in the background.

Finnsheep lamb Eeva (Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss)

And finally, another photo of Finn lamb Eeva.  Three of her four feet are spotted white and she has the white spotting on her head.  She does not have spotting on her tail.  To me, this is the same type of spotting that Shetland breeder Nancy Krohn defined as HST (Head, Socks, Tail) spotting in Shetlands.  Nancy’s thoughts on the subject may be found here.

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