Out of the Jug

Finnsheep triplet ewe lamb Eeva (NFS)

Hi, this is Eeva.  My brothers and I are doing great at six days old!  Here is the latest news from the barnyard…

A few days ago, The Shepherdess removed a panel from our jug and made it double sized.  That was nice because then we could explore and play more.  And we have great news!  Erno has opened his eyes completely!  Yay!  Now he can see me!  I like to snuggle up with him when we nap.  Esko kind of likes to lay off the the side by himself.  We have a very good mama, she is calm and has alot of milk for the three of us.

Finnsheep triplet Erno has eyes wide open!

The Shepherdess still brings me out a bottle twice a day.  I run over to her and drink it down but sometimes I only drink some of it because I have enough from my mom.  Last night after I had some milk from the bottle, I decided to take a nap on The Shepherdess’ foot.  She thought that was really special!

Finn ewe Eeva takes the bottle while Esko looks on. Esko is For Sale.

This morning, we got weighed again.  The Shepherdess was very happy that we have all gained almost two pounds in 6 days!  She put clean new jackets on us and then we got our ears pierced!  We didn’t need our tails banded though because we have short, skinny little Finnsheep tails.

Then the Shepherd walked my mama out to the nursery while the Shepherdess carried us.  It was really scary at first with all those new sheep and big lambs.  We cried and yelled for mama while the other sheep and lambs greeted us.  They were all nice to us though.  There is this one lamb named “Tank” – he is really big!  After awhile, we settled down and The Shepherdess took pictures of some of the other lambs.

Greeting party

Finnsheep ram lamb (For Sale) with 3/4 BFL ewe lamb 2010

Finnsheep ram lamb 2010 (For Sale)

Aren't I pretty? 3/4 Bluefaced Leicester 1/4 Shetland ewe lamb

The Shepherds are relieved that lambing is over and everyone is healthy.  They promised us that they will work on getting us onto some nice green grass now.  Our mamas are eating alfalfa hay but they are anxious to get on the grass because they see it growing in the pasture.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Glad to hear the triplets are doing so well. Good job by the shepherdess. Tank really has some short legs. 🙂
    He reminds me of the Babydoll sheep I used to have.



  2. Posted by Gail Von Bargen on 04/28/2010 at 1:12 AM

    adorable. Great pictures, Terri, and great lookin’ lambs. That Tank, well, is one!
    No Finns here, yet. It’s okay. I’m terrified.



    • Actually, I was terrified about our first time with Finns also. I am relieved it’s over. I AM really happy we had triplets as we haven’t had them on our farm yet and now we have crossed that hurdle. Both ewes were so easy and calm mothers. You are an experienced shepherdess, you will do great!



  3. Posted by Tammy on 04/28/2010 at 8:16 AM

    Beautiful! A great post to start the day with. That little Eeva is incrediably cute!



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