Hello World – My Name is Erno!

The Shepherdess wanted me to post this quick update.  She has decided to call me Erno, which means “earnest” in Finnish.  Last night, The Shepherdess shined a flashlight in my direction and I walked toward the light.  That is when she noticed that my eyes are starting to peek open.  I’m not crying anymore either.  Mama is taking good care of me and she has plenty of milk.  Do you want to see?  Here is a photo of me!  The brown stuff on my chin is Nutri Drench.  The Shepherdess gave us all another sip of it last night.

Erno's eyes are starting to open!

My sister is doing better also.  The Shepherdess is still giving her a bottle.  But my sister Eeva is strong and determined.  She may be small but she was the firstborn and she isn’t letting her brothers get in the way!  When The Shepherdess came out to feed Eeva this morning, she was delighted to find Eeva sipping some milk from mama Elina.  She still got some milk from The Shepherdess and probably will for a few days yet.  The Shepherdess says that Eeva’s suck strength is stronger and she will “play it by ear” – whatever that means!

On day 2, Finnsheep lamb Eeva is drinking from mom.

My big brother, Esko, is doing great!  He isn’t pushy at the udder.  He is a mellow boy – I hope he stays that way because he IS bigger than me!  The Shepherdess checked our bottoms to make sure they were clean.  She wanted to make sure we didn’t have the diarrhea that little lambs can sometimes get.  No runny poops for us!

2010 Finnsheep ram lamb Esko smiles at the camera.

Meanwhile, two lambing jugs over is Mulesheep Sasha with her 3/4 BFL ewes.  The Shepherdess doesn’t have names for them yet.  They are doing great also.  Here are photos of them.  But this is a lot of work and I’m tired, so I’m going to nap now.  Thanks for following our progress!

2010 Sasha's 3/4 BFL white twin ewe lamb

2010 Sasha's 3/4 BFL black twin ewe

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  1. That’s GREAT!



  2. Posted by Tammy on 04/23/2010 at 8:10 PM

    Yahoo! I’m so very happy for Erno and his sister too! Wow, I was so happy to see that little slit opening in his eye. What a great sight to see. I noticed in the last photo that you have the blue hay rack for sheep. I hesitate to say anything, but I would feel bad if I didn’t, and something happened. Several years ago, I lost one of a set of triplets (my only set so far) of the shetland/merino crossbreeds. I still have a hard time talking about it, but she hung herself in a feeder just like that. I had it a bout on the level you have it as well. Since then I’ve seen others using them, but they always have them way up high. I just can’t bring myself to use them anymore, but I think if you hang them higher they would be safer. Coming home and finding that sweet, tiny ewe lamb hung in the feeder is something that still haunts me. Anyway, just thought I would mention that.
    Take care,



    • Hi Tammy – thank you so much for your comments. I am happy to report that Erno’s eyes are about 1/3 open now, Eeva is much more peppy and assertive at the teat and they all are doing well tonight. But I am very grateful for your comment about the hay rack. I never thought of a lamb getting stuck. It seems that we try to think of everything to keep our animals safe but tragedies still happen. One thing great about blogs and online groups/chats is learning from other shepherds’ experience. Hopefully, the fact that you shared the story of your sad tragedy will save some lambs in the future. Thank you again.

      As soon as I read your comment, I moved the hay rack up higher in the Finnsheep stall and took them down in two others. The mulesheep and her two ewe lambs will join the other moms and lambs tomorrow. I threw the rest of her hay in a feed pan for her. We can make a simple modification to our lamb jugs next year and the hay racks will be higher.



  3. How precious and sweet :)))



  4. Esko, Erno, Eeva! How cool is that! You now have nice little flock started– and everyone loves that wool. The little girl, patterned and brown, is a prize! But you know that already.
    Triplets out of a yearling seems very, very good, too.
    I wait, now, to see what Finn lambs I’ll get this week. 😉
    -Aren’t those Finn babies scrawny-looking, though? Last year I kept your Eino-ram in the jug for 4 days– his scrawny looks made me nervous. I guess we will learn, in time, how hardy they are compared to the shetlands. Congratulations.



  5. Posted by Kelly B on 04/28/2010 at 12:23 PM

    How adorable – especially the picture of Esko smiling. Looking forward to more photos of the new Finnsheep arrivals!



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