Nugget’s Lambs – Adorable!

Shetland ewe Nugget is a great sheep.  She is steady, friendly, inquisitive – but not pushy – and always gives us nice lambs.  Her musket (oatmeal brown) fleece is soft with a lovely crimp; and she has a nice size frame which can carry Mulesheep easily.  For three years in a row the has had twins, a ewe and ram lamb.  Nugget imparts her lovely crimp and steady personality to her sheep.

Just after midnight on 4/16/10 I discovered Nugget cleaning off her lambs.  The ram lamb was very clean so he must have been born first.  He was already hopping around while Nugget licked off the ewe lamb.  I grabbed my lamb slings, plopped the lambs in them and led Nugget into a lambing jug.  I was thankful I already had the lambing jug ready with everything except molasses water.  I weighed each lamb and snipped, dipped, stripped and made sure that both lambs sipped from mama’s milk jug.

Nugget was bred to BFL Dougal so these lambs are Mulesheep lambs.  They both have tight, curly, shiny fiber.  And they have such cute markings!

2010 Mulesheep (Shetland Nugget X BFL Dougal) twin ewe lamb. 7lb. 12oz. birthweight.

2010 Shetland ewe Nugget with twin ewe lamb (sipping) and ram lamb (lying down)

2010 Mulesheep twin lambs. Ewe lamb (left) has brown ears and feet. Ram lamb (right) has black eyes, nose, ears and feet; he also has a few random black spots on this body. The ram lamb weighed 9lb. 14 oz. at birth. They are both so cute! I think I will name them Boots and Betsy.

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  1. Yes, they are adorable lambs. Congrats to you and Nugget. 🙂



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