Roundabout Acres First Finnsheep Lamb! (Revised Post)

2010 Finnsheep Single ram lamb. Sire is Little Red Oak Eino (brown.) Dam is Gale Woods Farm Emmi (black, spotted.) He is FOR SALE after weaning.

(I have revised this post to what I had intended in the first place.  When I posted this the other night, I was exhausted from a busy day shift, a trip to the farm fleet store, then arriving home to do chores – including lambing chores.  I was so excited about the Finn ram that I meant to post a short bit about him, but I fell asleep at my laptop.  When I woke, I turned off the computer and went to bed.  I didn’t even realize I had published this post!)

First Finnsheep Lamb!

We have our first Finnsheep on our farm!  On Saturday, April 10th, I arrived home from work in the afternoon to find Emmi with a nearly dry ram lamb at her side.  Emmi is just a yearling and I expected her to have a single lamb.  I am relieved that she has taken to motherhood naturally!  I got them both into a jug and snipped (the umbilical cord,) dipped (the cord into strong iodine,) stripped (the ewe’s teats,) and made sure the lamb sipped.  I like to wait and see the lamb nurse from both teats.  Sometimes they seem to prefer one side.  I want to make sure a single lamb is going to both sides.  The ram lamb weighed 6 lb. 14 oz., had a warm mouth and belly.  His body size is about the same as the Shetlands but he is quite leggy in comparison.  I had the heat lamp and lamb jacket at the ready but as it is so warm outside, he was nursing well and not shivering, I didn’t use either one.  I checked the ewes and lambs before going to bed and all was well.   Relief for the Shepherdess.

Finn ram lamb peeks back at the camera

For Sale

I don’t have a name for him yet.  He will be FOR SALE as I plan on keeping and using Eino again this fall.  And I may bring in another Finn ram.  So if you are interested in a Finnsheep ram with spotting genetics, 1/2 brown and 1/2 black – this is your chance.  He will be available for $300 after weaning.   I can provide more pedigree information via email.  Let me know asap because I may need to whether him if there is no interest.  He would be whethered when he is 3-4 weeks old.  A $50 deposit is required to hold him.

Voluntary Scrapie Program

I am excited to announce that I am in the process of enrolling and setting up my first visit for the Voluntary Scrapie Program.  I will post more details on this as they occur.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Congratulations! For a minute, I forgot you got the Finn ewes last fall! So this little guy is half black, half brown. . . and could likely throw spots. Mama was black? or white?



  2. Congratulations on your first Finn lamb. Very cute little krunet marking. Is it a boy or girl?



  3. Oops, sorry for the silly question, now I see on my new computer it said he was a single ram lamb. I hope all is well there. No lambs here yet.



  4. What is the “Voluntary Scrapie Program?”



    • I will post more information on it when the farm inspection is done. Basically, Scrapie is a baaad thing to have in your flock, fatal to the sheep, and the state and Federal governments are monitoring it to ensure that it is not spread in our country.



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