For Sale Page Updated

I have updated the For Sale Page.  We have two pregnant Shetland ewes for sale for as low as $125!  Once the lambs are on the ground, I will re-evaluate if the lambs will be available.  I need to sell the ewes to make space so please inquire if you are at all interested.  All offers will be considered!

I am going to sell a few of my Shetlands and focus on breeding Shetland Mulesheep and Finn X Shetlands.  I plan on keeping 3-4 Shetland ewes.  I will expand the Finnsheep flock and perhaps add a few more NC Cheviot ewes for BFL X NC Cheviot Mulesheep.  I enjoy working with the different Mulesheep fibers and find the size of the ewes very easy to handle.  In addition, we are finding a great demand for grass fed lamb.  Trophy Husband and I have a goal of at least 10 market lambs in the fall so I want to breed slightly larger sheep than the purebred Shetland.

2010 lambs will be here soon!!

Lambs are due the first week in April through the end of April so stay tuned!  Check back for photos and stories as I stretch my blogging fingers  for regular posts!

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