Life has Intervened

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in over six weeks.  Siiiigghhhh….   Life has certainly intervened.

In the past six weeks, we visited grandchildren in California, sheared the sheep, and flew out of state to help with an ailing relative.  Sadly, our loved one’s cancer was quite advanced and her death came quickly.   Between relatives, funeral arrangements and grieving – I am exhausted!

So, please bear with me as I get back up to speed with the blog. In the barnyard, the ewes bellies are widening as the lambs grow.  Lambs are due on the ground in April.  And I have photos of sheep shearing, grandchildren and fleece to share.  I don’t have any photos uploaded to the computer yet.  I will be back – I promise.

In the meantime, here are a few sheep photos.  Enjoy!

Little Red Oak Bella on the left, is FOR SALE. Roundabout Acres Baab is the sire of her lamb(s). Little Red Oak Jellybean is on the right (NFS.)

BFL x NC Cheviot Mule ewe lamb Fiona loves to have her picture taken. Fiona asks, "Do you miss us? We will be back soon!"

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