Haulin’ Water

It’s that time of year when it seems that I am always tired.  Physically, creatively, and mentally tired.  I’m tired of the snow, sick of the unending monotone of the landscape.  Watching the sheep and llamas has even lost it’s intrigue.  I just want to snuggle in bed, go to sleep and stay there until … spring! …  lambs!

At this time of year, I question myself on why I have so many sheep.  Each sheep and llama means additional water to haul to the trough in the barnyard or to each separate pen.  We don’t have a water hydrant near the barnyard.  We DO have an outside hydrant which is 75 paces from the nearest water troughs.   No, I don’t know how many feet.  I don’t want to know!

Approx. 15 gallons of water per trip are hauled to the barnyard in this mixing trough. The trough is very strong and glides nicely through the snow. I bought the gas can specifically for water. It works well through the fence.

Today, while I made four trips to the water hydrant, I reminded myself that spring will arrive soon and the sheep will hopefully be sheared in less than a month.  Then the udders will begin to swell and lambs start to arrive.

We are in the midst of more snowfall.  I am not complaining.  We aren’t getting much compared to other places in the country.  At least the gray will be replaced with some fluffy white.  Hmm…I’m tired of that also… .   At least the sheep enjoy the snow.  The ewelings and whethers have been running and kicking up their heels daily.  I DO enjoy watching them play!

Chester and Jester always greet me when I am in the barnyard. I think they are happy for the water and the new bales of hay!

5 responses to this post.

  1. I feel for you having to haul all that water! Now that we have water in our pole building for the ewes, I only have to haul water from my basement out to my geese and my ram pens. I’ll have to count the paces this morning.
    I’ve heard that some people use a hose in the winter by bringing it back inside each day so it doesn’t freeze up. I wonder if it would freeze up during use on the coldest days of winter. Let’s hope those are behind us now.



  2. LOL, Terri, when I said bring it inside, I meant inside your HOME. I don’t know of anyone who has heated outbuildings. I agree though, it would be very cumbersome to haul in the hose. The only person I know who actually did this had a LOT of sheep plus cattle and horses to water.



    • I’ve been to a few farms that have a heated room in the pole building/barn. I can’t imagine bringing a snowy hose into my house. It’s okay…we have our watering system down. And spring is coming soon…



  3. If I have to haul water, I’m rethinking spring break…



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