Friday’s Photos – The View from Somewhere Else

Today I wanted to post some photos from our vacation last October.  We had rain, rain, snow, clouds, ice, a bit of sun … and more rain.  But we had a wonderful time.  We drove from Minnesota, through the Rockies and on to the southwest of Colorado.  We camped in solitude with our dogs and scouted out some fly fishing possibilities.  Most of the rest of the country goes camping when it is warm.  Not us!

We drove back to camp in Custer State Park in the Black Hills, stopping to visit our little patch of the west on the southern edge of the Black Hills. A number of years ago, I drove out to the Black Hills with my dog, on my birthday, and signed a contract to buy a piece of western land.  The man I bought it from was bemused that a woman would drive from Minnesota, by herself, to buy a piece of land.  “Where is your husband?” he inquired.  “My husband was at home and couldn’t get away,” I replied.  Smiling, he asked if I was a “woman’s libber?”  I told him that I am a woman who loves the West.  I just wanted my own little piece of it.

It’s not the first time we’ve driven into the southern Black Hills in a snowstorm.  We have had many a camping trip with our children on their March/April school break.  It was nature, off season, and an inexpensive family trip.  We grew to love it out there, it didn’t matter to us what time of year.  In the Hills, we spend time with the pronghorn antelope, buffalo, turkey, deer, and bighorn sheep.  The wind in the pines is amazing and the western prairie starkly beautiful.  Enjoy the photos.

Southwest Colorado. It was about 40 degrees.

An abandoned fence in southwest Colorado 2009

The Shepherd took this photo from the rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River, Colorado 2009. The river is 1/2 mile below.

Snow at Sylvan Lake, Black Hills, South Dakota 2009. The trout were saved by the snow. Too cold to fish.

The view from our western cabin....some day. Elk Mountain burned several years ago in extensive Black Hills fires. The fire came within 1/4 mile of our vacation property.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Stunning photos and so neat that you have your own chunk of it!



  2. Lovely photos Terri, thanks for sharing.



  3. I love the rail fence, and Sylvan Lake, the most. I have climbed near that lake– and Emily loves the Hills. Great purchase story, you Womens Libber! It does make you sound very strong and independent.



    • Thanks Michelle, Becky and Gail. My daughter reminds me that we DID take vacation on MY school break! I have so many fond memories and hope to make many more “out west!”



      • That’s what kids are for. To remind you of the things you forget.

        I know this because if I forget anything–ANYTHING–anywhere from 1 to 19 students are on me about it. Arg.

        By the way, LOVE the second photo.


  4. We have had many a camping trip with our children on their March/April school break.

    Noooooo. We took trips during YOUR school breaks. I remember because my teachers gave me the same exasperated look I give MY students when their parents take them out of school for a week. 😉



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