Fiber Fun

BFL X North Country Cheviot in an exhausted food color dyebath

It’s snowing, blowing and cold outside.  We are in that monochrome time of year – white… gray…brown…black.  My last post, Friday’s Frosty photos not-so-vividly displays our winter colors in Minnesota.  Needless to say, I am in the mood for color!  I pulled up some photos of recent fiber adventures.

I love dyeing.  I enjoy seeing how the colors will reveal themselves; I also enjoy those “oops” moments when I don’t stir the dye well enough (see below) and the color separates.  I particularly enjoy working with food color because the only thing I need to worry about is preventing spills and cleanup.  No mask needed and I can use whatever pots and utensils I choose.   This BFL X NC Cheviot was dyed using blue with a few drops of black.  I didn’t stir well enough so the black separated out a bit.  This black has red in it so it leaned more toward the purple end of the spectrum.  The colors came out beautifully.  I am still spinning it so I will post a photo when it is all done.

BFL-NC Cheviot dyed and dried.

BFL X NCC Mule fiber. I carded this fiber, leaving in the short fibers for texture. This fiber is VERY SPROINGY! I am combing some blue to spin for comparison. I will post pics when done.

BFL-NC Cheviot dyed and dried. I used yellow food color with a few drops of red.  This fiber has a very nice, springy soft handle.

Last week I visited my llama mentor Sheila Fugina, of Shady Ridge Farm.  It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with our hands in fiber, chatting, and petting her lovely llamas.  I asked Sheila to share some of her knowledge of llama fiber and skirting techniques.  It’s always helpful to gather some tips from the experienced fiber person!  It was a wonderful afternoon.

Sheila showed me her new corespun yarn.  It can be used for weaving, crocheting or knitting, or whatever your imagination desires.  The llama was blended with sheep wool, in this case Shetland, and loosely spun around a twine core.   I will have some made this year.

Sheila holds a bump of Llama/Shetland corespun yarn.

Corespun Llama/Shetland yarn

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