Meet the President(s)

Meet the ??

This past weekend my daughter Amanda called to say that her school was to have a Very Important Person come to visit on Tuesday (yesterday.)  This person was so important that the Secret Service spent two days photographing classrooms, gathering names, birthdates and social security numbers.  The school staff was told they would have to park almost a mile away and be shuttled to school.  So they new it was someone important.  Perhaps the First Lady Michelle Obama or Vice President Biden or even the President, himself?!?  Amanda could hardly contain herself.  She didn’t know how they were chosen, but the sixth grade classes, as well as the sixth grade teachers, were the ones who would meet with the VIP.  Amanda felt especially thrilled because she worked locally on President Obama’s campaign.

Tuesday afternoon, Amanda called me to say that is was President Obama himself who came to talk with the students!  She said it was quite a morning for the children and school staff.  Everything went smoothly in the morning and they were back to their usual studies later in the day.  Amanda has a nice description of the events on her blog.  Check it out at my Daughter’s Blog.  I saw her class room on the news last night; they spoke of the President’s “Race to the Top” education initiative, which was part of his news conference held at her school.

Here is a photo from the visit.  If you are interested in the video of the President greeting the students, you can click on the website.  I can’t figure out how to get the link to work; you can click here if you want to learn more.

Amanda is the blonde woman smiling on the left. She is wearing her self designed, hand knit "Stockholm Dress."

President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan speaking with the students.

So I wondered why Amanda’s school was chosen?  I’ve visited her school.  Her school is old, small (TINY!), with limited parking space and outside space for the children.  It is right off a busy highway and near a busy intersection.  This is what I copied from the website:

“You can learn more about Graham Road in the White House background release, but the school made a mark on its community by implementing a comprehensive strategy to turn around student achievement, adopting rigorous and high-quality student assessments, teacher evaluation and professional development, along with innovative and effective use of data systems to track student performance.  As a result, in 2008 all of the school’s sixth-graders met Virginia’s reading standards, and 96 percent met math standards, despite being one of the lowest income schools in the county. The expansion of Race to the Top comes with a plan to encourage precisely this kind of visionary change in schools that apply for the challenge.”

Isn’t is nice when our children take part in doing good things?!?

Meet the Presidents?

As I thought about this post I realized that every member of my family has met a United States President.  Trophy Husband and I met and shook hands with Bill Clinton, as well as HilaryClinton and Al Gore, when they were campaigning in Minneapolis before Clinton’s first term.  Our son John, recently met and shook hands with former President Jimmy Carter when John was on a Marine Corps assignment.  And now Amanda has met and shook hands with President Obama.  These are minor things, to be sure, but nevertheless a fun family remembrance for us all!

4 responses to this post.

  1. It’s not my classroom though; it’s the art room. The sixth grade rooms were considered too dangerous and that wing couldn’t be “secured.”



  2. I think that is is awesome that your whole family has had these opportunities! No leader is perfect, but we can learn something from each of them if we choose to.



  3. Oh how very cool! What a great opportunity for Amanda and the students! A big memory for my family was our trip to the White House in 2005 when my egg was included in the White House Easter Egg display. I got to meet the First Lady and tour the White House after attending a luncheon with all the other egg artists. There is so much to see and do in D.C.! Makes me think I (we?) should volunteer to go there as representatives of the MLWPA at the end of April/early May — if no one else on the Board volunteers to go. My ewes might be lambing then though…



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