Friday’s Photos – Faces and Fiber

Karma and 7 month old cria Primo Jan. 2010

BFL x NC Cheviot Mule ewe lamb Fiona has such an adorable face and ears! The moorit lamb behind her is Shetland ewe lamb Bonnie. Next to Fiona is a BFL x Shetland Mule ewe lamb.

NC Cheviot Mule lamb Fiona's feathered tips of her fiber. I can't wait to get to spin it!

BFL x Shetland Mule ewe lamb fiber, also very lovely. It has a nice luster that isn't visible in the photo.

The perspective is askew because I am standing over them. But this photo does illustrate the size difference between the BFL x NC Cheviot Mule lamb Helena (foreground) and purebred Shetland ewe lamb, Bonnie. Helena was born six weeks earlier than Bonnie. The NC Cheviot mule lambs have the most growth compared to the Shetland Mules also.

BFL x NC Cheviot Mule ewe lamb Helenas black fiber. At this point I have not observed that Helena has the side dusting like our black Shetland Mulesheep.

Shetland LRO Lily (FOR SALE) is jacketed. I coated three Shetland ewes this year, Lily, Bella (FOR SALE) and Jellybean. I think I may coat more sheep next year...

I can't remember if I posted this photo or not. This is the Shepherd walking Blue through a field in a failed attempt to lure Ben back home when he jumped the fence last October. If you want to read more about that adventure, click on "How Does One Convince a Llama?" on the sidebar.

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  1. Hi Terri
    those BFL cross ewes have the most beautiful, crimpy fleece. Thanks for posting!



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