Friday’s Fab Five – Woolly Babes!

As promised, on Fridays in January, I will post some of my favorite photos from the past year.  I will try to keep it to five photos each post.  Enjoy!

Little Red Oak Bella is yuglet, moorit, with a white tip on her tail and white socks on her rear legs. She had twin black krunet rams last year; in this photo she is shown with her Mule ram lamb. She has had trouble free lambing and plentiful milk. She has a nice conformation, Her fleece is lovely and she always has an inquisitve "baaa" for me when I am near the barnyard. She is bred to BFL Dougal again this year for Mule lamb(s). She will be for sale after weaning next summer.

The llamas are so curious about the new lambs. The lambs just take the llamas in stride. No worries to them - they are all part of the same flock!

Shetland Nugget (musket) with 2009 lambs Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie (moorit)has been retained in the ewe flock.

Llama cria Primo when he was a few days old.

NC Cheviot Molly and her BFL X Mule lamb Helena.

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