My Daughter’s Very Interesting Life

If you have followed this blog you may remember that my daughter got married last July to a wonderful Korean man, Kisu.  They met while Amanda was working in the Seoul area teaching English to school children.  TH and I were fortunate to be able to visit Amanda while she was in South Korea but she had not met Kisu yet.  We met our Korean in-laws and family at the wedding.  Amanda has a good match in her husband and his family love her.  All is good.  Just what any mom wants for her child!

Amanda and Kisu married July 11, 2009

Allow me a moment to boast…

Amanda has an excellent blog about her life as a American woman aka World Traveler, Elementary Teacher, New Wife, Tae Kwon Doe 2nd Degree Black Belt, Culinary Chef, Amateur Photographer, and –  IMHO  – Champion Knitter and Designer (my mentor.)  Hmm, I’m sure I left out something… Oh, yes, she helps me out with questions about blogging, the internet, and my Nikon Digital SLR also!

As her mother, it’s fascinating to read her blog.  I imagine it’s almost like peeking into a diary of my daughter’s daily life.  I am constantly learning something new about her.  And now that I have a blog, I understand Amanda’s point when she laments that I haven’t been reading her blog.  Oops!  She caught me!  I would have known (insert the latest news here) if I had read her blog in the past few days.

And while I’m on the subject…

Blogging is ALOT of work.  Don’t get me wrong – I do find it creative and satisfying and I just love connecting with the folks who leave comments.  I put so much thought, time and effort into my blog; and taking photos, downloading and managing them is time-consuming, albeit enjoyable.  I don’t have the time or energy to re-write everything in an email, on Facebook or Ravelry.  I try to post a link saying, “Check out my blog!”  I’m sure that the other sheepy bloggers  and bloggers in general understand what I am trying to express.

We do talk on the phone quite a bit.  Quite honestly, the conversation usually starts off by Amanda giving me a hard time because I am difficult to reach.  MAAAHHHM! YOU NEVER PICK UP THE PHONE! (Not true, by the way.) Okay, so I still work outside of the house … and when I am AT home, I am often outside in the barnyard for hours at a time.  And when I am outside working, I prefer to be with the flock, not talking on my cell phone… Amanda, I’m sorry that I can’t sit around and wait for your calls; in about 30 or 40 years it may be so.

Amanda’s Recent Life

Amanda and Kisu spent the last few weeks visiting Kisu’s family in Seoul, South Korea.  She has had fascinating posts about their trip.  Her latest post is an interesting look into Buddhist funeral practices.  Kisu’s paternal grandmother has been ill for quite some time; she recently passed away.   And for you knitters, check out her photos on their visit this past October to Stockholm and Gotland.  She is modeling her hand knit dress of her own design in this post.   Now my daughter says she finally understands the allure of living the country life.  (Gotland and it’s sheep made and impact on her!  (And yes, she labeled a sheep statue as a goat in one photo.  I corrected her but I see the “goat” title still remains.)  Below I have posted several photos from her album.

Sheep on Gotland

This photo says it all!

I hope you check out her blog.  Click on this link or you can always click “Daughter Amanda’s Blog” which is on the sidebar.  It truly is an enjoyable read into the life of an adventurous young woman and the man who loves her.

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  1. Mom, call me and I’ll tell you how to get those last two photos you’re trying to post to work.

    If I answer the phone. 😉



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