24 Below and No Worries…It’s Warm Under All That Wool!

24 Below

Roundabout Acres is located north of Minneapolis about one hour.  It’s been cold here.  A few nights ago it was -24F at 8am.  Uh-huh.  You read that right  -24 degrees Fahrenheit.   That’s -31 Celsius for our friends outside of our borders.  It has been cold.  Since December 31st the night temperatures have reached lows of -2, -11, -20, and -24.  It hasn’t warmed up much during the day either.  We usually expect to get the Canadian Chill during the middle of January but it arrived a bit early this year.

Wonderful, Warm Wool

The cold temps don’t seem to bother the sheep much.  I have only observed a few sheep walking gingerly across the snow and holding their tootsies (hooves) up off the ground.  Their thick wool coats glitter with the night’s frost throughout most of the morning.  Poke a finger through their wool down to the skin level and they are toasty warm.

WHAT? IT'S COLD?? Eight month old BFL X NC Cheviot Mule ewe lamb Helena is on the left. Her dam NC Cheviot Molly is on the right. In the middle is a Shetland Mule. The two girls on the right are about 20 months old.

No Worries

The llamas also are adorned with a crystal coating of frost.  But the past few days I have seen several of them shivering mildly.  It doesn’t stop them from hanging around the hay feeders or laying outside in the sun.  TH put down fresh straw in the barn so they can snuggle in at night.  They also like laying on the waste hay by the feeders.  And to all the critter’s delight they have been receiving an additional treat.   The Shepherdess has been throwing out a llama/sheep feed to provide them with a bit more energy.  Cria Primo doesn’t have a clue about grain; and mom Karma is too busy getting her own grain to show the poor boy what it’s all about!

Primo, Roundabout Acres' first cria, is seven months old. His fiber is very soft and fine and he hasn't filled out much yet. We have to keep a close eye on him so he doesn't get too cold. Although I have seen him shiver occasionally, he was prancing and kicking up his heels just last night. He still isn't sure what all the commotion is about when The Shepherdess brings out the extra feed.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Teresa on 01/30/2010 at 10:57 AM

    I told Aaron, look how cute this little guy is. He looks like he is smiling. Then he said, “until he spits on her…or maybe he is smiling because he spat on her.” Either way, spit or no spit, he is super cute. Makes me almost want to raise llamas.



    • Hi Teresa and Aaron! This little guy is really warming up to George. He nuzzles George now every time he is in the barnyard. Thanks for reminding me that I want to do a post on why llamas spit. Take care and give your kids a hug, okay?



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