A Day to Give Thanks

I am thankful for many, many things in my life.  Today I want to share a few pictures to illustrate just a few of the wonderful blessings of my life (in no particular order!)  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I hope you have a safe, joyful, and blessed day.

Fiber Animals and the People Who Enjoy Them

Llamas and lambs



Bald Eagle in the backyard

Creative Expression

Fiber, fiber, fiber!

Family and Friends


Amanda and Kisu married July 11, 2009

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hey,
    what a great bunch of photos. And the nicest is that of family and friends, standing outdoors.
    Maybe if we tried that sort of setting, we could get ours to pose.
    Happy Thanksgiving.



  2. I am wondering if you meant to have a dead kitten in the eagle photo included. It is a sad photo for cat lovers to see.



    • Donna – I too, love cats. I snuggle with my kitty every day… 🙂

      I have posted this eagle photo before. I feel it graphically illustrates the beauty, power, fragility, and unpredictability of nature.

      BEAUTY in the flight of the eagle and the cute, fuzzy kitten.
      POWER in the eagle’s ability to swoop down on it’s prey and in the cat’s ability to hunt IT’S prey.
      FRAGILITY of life itself – a kitten is very vulnerable in it’s early life, and the eagle was almost driven to extinction by another species not too long ago….
      And UNPREDICTABILITY in that the kitten had no idea what was about to happen, and the eagle did not know if it would eat that day.

      As humans, we enjoy and are subjected to the whims of nature. We revel in sunny days, pleasant temperatures and mild breezes. But at the same time are vulnerable to tornadoes, wind, hurricanes, snow, ice and temperature extremes. The same lake we love to swim in during the summer can kill us in it’s icy waters in winter.

      Nature is a force to be respected – an awesome power to which we are very, very vulnerable. That is what this photo means to me.



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