Meet the Boys (Again)

It’s that time of year when we Shepherds post pictures of our breeding groups.  I am still working on my groups.  I do know which rams I will use but still haven’t finalized which ewes will be bred.   As I consider the possibilities, I have hope; there will be something to look forward to as the icy, frigid days of winter are waning.  Spring will arrive with colorful lambs running and hopping through the green grass.  Sigh…

What I know so far…

I will not be breeding any purebred Shetlands this year.  Our Shetland rams are sold; the last one – RA Baab leaves with his group of ewes on Saturday.  I will breed a few Shetland ewes to Bluefaced Leicester ram Dougal for Mulesheep lambs. I am very pleased with the Mule fiber and this year’s lambs have lovely fleeces.  I hope to repeat those results.   And I will breed a few Shetland ewes to Finnsheep ram lamb Eino.  I have  read the resulting cross makes for a very nice fiber.

I will breed Eino to our new Finn ewes also.  Hopefully, 2010 will see the first Finnsheep lambs on our farm!

I have also included a few photos of our other boys on the farm.  I hope you enjoy them.

2009 Polled rams Dougal and Eino

Finnsheep ram lamb Eino and Bluefaced Leicester Dougal

Eino and Lamb Chop

Finn ram lamb Eino with BFL-Cheviot-Shetland ram lamb Lamb Chop

Lamb Chop's fleece

He has a fine, dense, lustrous, crimpy fleece which is quite soft. He was headed for the butcher; I pulled him off the trailer at the last minute and decided to breed him. His fleece has the combination of qualities I am looking for in my crosses.

Gus waits patiently for the Shepherdess to finish chores in the barnyard.

Border Collie Gus waits patiently for the Shepherdess to finish chores in the barnyard. He is probably the best dog I have ever had. He was given to us last year by a woman who loved him dearly but didn't have a farm on which he could work. Now that we have had him for a year, I can imagine how difficult it was for his previous owner to give him up. He is a sweet, sweet boy who is intense when he works and plays, but mellow while in the house. He is intact and we are giving some thought to breeding him. His genes are just too good NOT to pass on.

Spike enjoys a nap in the pole barn.

Barn cat Spike enjoys a nap in the pole barn.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh Terri,
    everything looks so perfect at Roundabout Acres! Did you like the finn ewes? Are they home yet?
    Eino looks so smashing as a young adult. And Lamb Chop — what a name– got a lucky break, eh?
    Finally, do tell who the new Finn breeder is whom you’ve met. I bet I want a ram from her next year!



  2. I love the photo of Gus, I thought he was a great dog the moment I met him. And I agree that he’s got the bloodlines for breeding.
    Nice to see the photos of Eino with your other rams. It will be even nicer to see him in with his ewes soon. Congratulations on starting your Finn flock.
    Wondering what breed Lamb Chops will be bred to…you’re going to have lots of NICE fleece at Roundabout Acres!



    • Hi Becky and Gail – thanks for the comments. Yes, the Finn ewes are home. I think they are great! I like their conformation and friendly personalities (especially the black one.) I have decided on names and was able to take some pictures. I will write a post in a few days. And you are correct that Lamb Chop was spared from a different fate! He has always been the friendliest ram lamb and I have been impressed by his fleece. He is also useful as a buddy to Dougal and Eino. I think he will only get one or two girls this year. Since my goal is a fine, crimpy fleece, I thought he would be worth putting over a girl or two.



  3. Terri, what breed of ewes are going in with Lamb Chop? Mules? Shetlands? Cheviots?



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