Meet our new Llamas

I know I said I would post vacation photos in my next post… But we have new llamas to show off to the world!

She’s So Blue

Our first llama pictured is Shady Ridge Tangled Up in Blue.  We were able to purchase this pretty girl at a very reasonable price from Sheila and Britt Fugina at Shady Ridge Farm in New Richmond, Wisconsin.  They have the most beautiful fiber llamas.  She is 1/2 Argentine and has the same sire as Karma and Nessa.  Look at her fiber!!  She has crimp down to the skin, which is unusual for a llama; and the judge at Llama Magic said that Blue’s fiber “spins itself.”   We will most likely breed her next year at the same time that Karma and Nessa are bred.  However, we will not register her offspring with the International Llama Registry.  We bought Blue with the understanding that while she has fabulous fiber, her conformation is not-so-fabulous.  She can’t help that her time in the womb was spent developing luscious fiber instead of long legs!

Tangled Up in Blue

Tangled Up in Blue

You can see in the profile picture that Blue has short legs and neck in proportion to her body size.  Sheila said her head is also a bit small for her size.  We are raising for fiber, not the show ring, so it doesn’t matter to us.  And an additional bonus is that Blue spent the summer with a 4-H youth.  She has been handled quite a bit, showing in the obstacle course; consequently she is very easy to manage.  We anticipate taking some walks with our new group of llamas!

Tangled Up in Blue's profile

Tangled Up in Blue's profile

Running With The Boys

The next photo shows our two new Rescue llamas.  They are both a dark brown and are wearing halters in the photo.  Ben is a proven guard llama gelding with a coarser fleece.  He is on the right in the photo.  Let’s Roll (Roller) is the second from the right.  He has a lovely, soft, dark, chocolate brown fleece.  He was used as a herd sire in his previous home.  He is now gelded.  We offered to re-home these boys as their previous owner has become ill.  This photo was taken the first time they came out to the pasture.

Greeting party for Roller and Ben

Greeting party for Roller and Ben

It didn’t take long to discover that Ben and Roller love to run.  Our cria Primo was ecstatic to have someone to run with!  In the photo below, Ben leads the way.  You can see how excited Primo is to be running along!

Roller leads the way

Ben leads the way, Roller is in the rear

We are up to nine llamas now.  That will be enough for us, except for the planned breedings next spring.  All but two of our llamas have wonderful fiber!  The other two have a more coarse type of llama fiber, excellent for felting and crafts.

Rescue Llamas

I would like to add that if you or anyone you know is interested in learning about llamas that need to be re-homed, anywhere in the US, please email me at terri at roundabout acres dot com (remove the spaces.)

4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for posting photos of the new llamas. You really have quite a herd now. Congrats!



  2. Oh, the color on your new girl is very pretty. It’s nice of you to make a home for these big, beautiful animals.
    What do you call llama fiber? It’s not wool, so . . . or is it? I’ve never heard it called anything but “Llama”!



  3. […] post about our Rescue Llamas we brought home in October.  I introduced the new additions in this post.  The girls and two of the three geldings worked out the new pecking order within a few days.  […]



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