Prices Reduced!

Check out our For Sale page to see the reduced prices on our flock.  We also have lamb that is available NOW to go into the freezer, just in time for the upcoming Holiday Season!  Email with questions or for pictures; details are on the For Sale page.

We have fiber whethers for $75…

Unregistered black Shetland ewes as low as $50.

Two ONE very nice Shetland Ram…

A gentle, respectful Bluefaced Leicester X NC Cheviot ram.  He is an excellent crossing ram with very nice fiber.

Registered Shetland ewes who are excellent mothers, with lovely fleece.

In colors of white, musket, black, brown.

Ewes could be bred to a ram before departing the farm, however this would have to be arranged ASAP.

These are excellent stock, not culls.  We just don’t have the space and I am refining my breeding goals.  All must go.  Farm or freezer.  That IS the reality of being a shepherdess.

We have committed to adopting several more llamas who are in need of a new home.  We pick them up this weekend.  And we are purchasing two Finn ewes to breed to Eino, our brown Finn ram.  I plan on crossbreeding Eino with some of the Shetlands also.  One just has to look back at any picture of our barn and it is evident that we have a tiny barn and limited space.  And hay is not cheap.

So – please feel free to make any offer of sale or trade.  As a fiber person, I would much rather see the little darlins’ supplying lovely fiber and keeping the lawn mowed for you.  Having said that…they are delicious to eat!

And because I LOVE to include pictures on my blog, I leave with you with a photo taken on our recent vacation out west.  I will post more about the trip in the next post.

The view of Elk Mountain from Coyote Ridge

The view of Elk Mountain from Coyote Ridge

Coyote Ridge 2009

Coyote Ridge 2009

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Terri,
    I saw your new post title and laughed, having just talked you into two more finn ewes.
    I want to buy them all, don’t you? But alas, so many sheep, so little time.
    I hope you find the right balance of sheep buddies and hay.



    • Hi Gail,
      I didn’t need any talking into as I was planning on buying some Finn girls. Eino needs to start his own flock on our little farm! I LOVE the Finn fleece I bought from you, and I think Finn/Shetland crosses, perhaps with some BFL thrown in, will make for scrumptious fleece!



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