Pretty, pretty fiber and yummy, yummy Shish-ka-bobs

Good Morning everyone!  Thank you to everyone who responded to my last post.  I checked out some new websites and really feel blessed to be part of the fiber and farm community!

It is a lovely gray Autumn day here on our little farm.  Cool gray is okay, because it has been unusually warm for September.  After our chilly summer we finally have some heat!  I prefer the cool because I am planting trees and shrubs which I bought at 50% off in July.  When we moved to our farm three years ago, the landscape was a blank slate.  Aside from the obligatory weed-filled tractor tire planter, there was minimal landscaping.  I have a passion for gardening!  My g-genes have been screaming to get some plants in the ground but the animals have taken priority.  Well, this year those genes got the best of me.  I still have a few dozen perennials, shrubs and trees to plant.  And I would like to move our little fruit tree orchard to a better spot.  Take heed, all of you new and wanna-be farmers!  As well as you think you have things planned out – you must be prepared to rethink the options.  The spot we thought was GREAT for the orchard turns out the be in the middle of a good grazing pen.  We are tired of having to fence the trees off with electronet…  In any case, I’m sure the ground will be completely frozen before I get the last plant in.  (Hopefully not…)

Fiber Pics

I have set up an album on under the name Roundabout Acres.  You may click on this link to get there: RoundaboutAcres Fiber I will also put a link on the “Fiber” page.  Please email for prices and availability.  I have Shetland and BFL X fiber  in white, moorit, black, and musket.  I am working on getting an Etsy page set up.  But in the meantime, we are set up to take Paypal.


We have an appointment to bring some of the sheep to the butcher on October 14th. If you are interested in any of the sale sheep, please contact me ASAP because some of those sheep will be sent in.  I am flexible and all offers will be considered.  I do not want to feed sheep that I don’t plan on keeping,  so everyone must go!  I am hoping to bring in two Finn ewes to breed to Eino yet this fall.  And I have some different breeding/flock goals which I am still formulating, including hopes to bring a different Heritage Breed to the farm.  But I will save details on that for a later post!  Regardless, I will be breeding less purebred Shetlands in the future.  Don’t misunderstand – I love the Shetlands but I am less intimidated by sheep now than I was as a complete newbie Sheperdess.  Now, I want a slightly larger sheep and I really like the fiber from the BFL cross and Finn sheep.  So, we will have some very tasty lambs available.  Whole or half lambs are available; a whole lamb will yield 15 – 35 lbs. of meat.  I will bring the lamb to the butcher, you will specify what cuts you would like.  Delivery can be arranged, within a reasonable distance.  The cost is far less than retail grocery store prices.  Please email me for details.

A Recipe

A few weekends ago, we had the family over for a nice afternoon.  I wrote about it in the last post.  What I didn’t include was a photo of lamb on the grill.  It is a joint effort.  I trim any “white stuff” off the lamb then marinade it overnight.  TH grills it to perfection.  So far, the lamb and the marinade have been a big success with all who have eaten the combo.  I have used the marinade on chops, roast, and stew meat.

Lamb on the grill

Lamb on the grill

So here is my marinade recipe.  I put the meat in a ziploc and cover with marinade.  If I remember, I turn it over several times but usually it just sits in the fridge overnight.  Depending on the quantity of lamb, I have had enough marinade left over for another meal.  I freeze the remaining marinade until the next time it’s needed.

Terri’s Lamb Marinade

1 bottle of any Raspberry Viniagrette Salad Dressing

Red Wine Vinegar – a few good glugs

Worchestershire Sauce – a few good glugs

Chopped Garlic – two tablespoons

Cracked pepper

Sliced Onion (optional)

I ask that you comment on your favorite lamb or meat marinade.  It’s always nice to gather new recipes!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gail V on 09/16/2009 at 8:37 PM

    Hi Terri,
    ooh, ooh, seeing some of your sheeps’ wool makes me envious. Jellybean’s crimp astonishes me! And I have loved spinning Nugget’s.
    I am trying to remember Bella’s baby name so I can figure out what her color is– she must me modified, yes?
    I will try your marinade!



  2. Good Man still wants some lamb. Please keep some in the freezer. Eventually we’ll make it to MN.



  3. Lots of guys talk about this issue but you wrote down really true words.



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