Our new Finn Ram and a Bald Eagle Blessing

Yesterday, I brought home our new Finnsheep ram lamb.  His name is Little Red Oak Eino; his former Shepherdess was Gail VonBargen at Little Red Oak Farm.  He has soft, kinky light brown (fawn) fleece and a mellow temperament.  His sire is the same color and dam is white with her base coloring unknown at this point.  I think he will make a valuable addition to our farm!

While researching breeds for our farm, I seriously considered Finnsheep.  But the possibility of lamb triplets, quads, etc. was too much for me to comprehend.  Now that we have had sheep for a few years, I don’t find it so intimidating.  I like the breed’s slightly larger size (than Shetland’s) and they are supposed to cross well with Shetlands and give nice fiber.  Once I sell a few of my Shetland ewes, I will add to Finn ewes to the flock.  In the meantime, I will use Eino on several Shetland girls this winter.  My goal is fiber that is a spinner’s delight!  I’m sure he will fit in with with our mellow BFL ram Dougal and his BFL/Cheviot cross son Doogie.  He was born in April; I think he must weigh about 50#.  At least that is what he felt like when I carried him into the truck!

Finn Ram Lamb Eino

Finn Ram Lamb Eino

After I wormed Eino and got him settled into his temporary pen, I began to feed the lambs and ewes some tree branches.  While I was hanging out in the barnyard with them, I had the great honor to spend about 20 minutes in the presence of a bald eagle!  I heard a bird call out, looked in the direction of the call and was surprised by an eagle flying about 10 feet above the barnyard!  As he flew right over my head I could see something was being clutched in his talons.  The eagle landed in a tree in our backyard.  I stood and watched him for a few minutes and then went into the house to get my camera.  I sat on the lawn and took about 20 photos.  How fabulous to live where we can receive visits like this!

I thought at first that he had a rabbit in his talons.  But after looking at the pictures, I think it is a cat or kitten.  TH and I don’t recognize the kitten.  I feel bad for the kitten but am glad it wasn’t one of our our little Shetland lambs.  I see the eagles and hawks circling our fields almost daily.  I guess this is an example of how the Shetland ewes watch over their little lambs.

Bald Eagle in the backyard

Bald Eagle in the backyard


4 responses to this post.

  1. What an INCREDIBLE photograph!!!



  2. Wow, what a great photo of the eagle! You really got a close up. I wonder if he may have gotten the kitten from the roadside. Eagles are good at cleaning up roadkill. I’m glad your newborn lambs have been safe.



  3. Posted by Amanda on 07/27/2009 at 5:30 AM

    Great picture, Mom! Those paws do look like a kitten’s…



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