Daughter’s Wedding Day

Last week, we traveled to Washington, DC for our daughter’s wedding ceremony.   Like our daughter herself, Amanda’s wedding was creative and unique, spontaneous and incredibly beautiful.  Her friend, Troy hosted the ceremony and reception at his lovely home in Maryland.  The raindrops waited until the end of the day and a bit of cloud cover made for better pictures.   Amanda met her man while teaching in Korea.   We are thrilled that he and his family have become a part of our family!

Amanda has a wonderful photo album with captions.  Please check it…I promise you won’t be disappointed!  To get to the pictures, just click on the link below.

Amanda’s Wedding Album

We also took the opportunity to do some sightseeing around our nation’s capitol.  I only took a few photos as I have many from previous trips.  I do have a few flower photos that were taken at the Botanical Garden.  Enjoy!

Unknown plant with fuzzy leaves

Unknown plant with fuzzy leaves

Washington DC 0709 014

We arrived home in a drenching rain.  Thank goodness because we are in a drought this year.  Now that we are back on the farm…the work begins to wean lambs and make decisions on who will be available to go to new homes.  I will have Shetland ewes, rams and ram lambs available.  I am keeping all the ewe lambs this year so I must sell some of the ewes.  And I have bred from the same ram line for two years now, so I must sell off my rams and ram lambs.  The Shetlands were born in June, so they won’t be available until September.  As much as I would like to keep all of my flock, it is not prudent to do so.  I need to think of our pasture, housing and breeding goals.  Every few days, I upload pictures onto the “For Sale” page.  Prices are always negotiable and a discount is offered with the purchase of three or more.  Please email roundaboutacres at gmail dot com with any questions!

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