I Love Those Shetland Lambs!

Roundabout Acres JoAnn, black krunet, had her first lambs on the 21st.  They were teeny-tiny little rams.  I thought she was only carrying one…but we arrived home from work to find two wildly spotted boys in the barnyard.  Mom was out in the pasture.  She bought herself three days in the jug with her lambs.  I apologize that the pictures are fuzzy.  My point-and-shoot digital is getting fairly old.  The first little guy weighed 3 lbs. and had a floppy ear.  I released them from the jug today.  His ear has straightened out nicely.  Today he weighed 4 lb. 9 oz. and is full of energy!

JoAnn's twin ram lamb 2009

His twin weighed 2 lb. 13 oz. when born.  Today he weighed 4 lb. 6 oz.    I haven’t figured out names for these guys yet.    They both have cute spotting on their eyes and noses.  Their sire, Costello had some wild coloring which looked white and brown.  He is musket.  I wonder if these boys could turn grey?  They look like they could have grey under the white.  Is that possible?

JoAnn's tw ram lambs 2009

One thing that is so fun about the Shetlands is the anticipation of what might “pop out!”  So far, Roundabout Acres Costello has given us some wonderful color and pattern!!  Two days ago, we also had a lamb born out of Tami-Lami, another black krunet.  I don’t have a picture yet, but she had a single black ram with a spotted white face.  We are up to one Shetland ewe lamb and four ram lambs.

On another note, I have been thinking about which sheep I am going to sell.  At this point, our 2009 lamb crop has added five ewe lambs to our farm, two BFL – Cheviot Mules, two BFL – Shetland Mules, and one purebred Shetland.  As much as I would LOVE to keep them all, I cannot.  I will have several adult ewes and  rams, and ram lambs for sale.  At this point I am keeping all the ewe lambs.  We have two more ewes to lamb, hopefully by the end of the week.   I will be able to make some final decisions at that point and will get prices and pictures posted on the sales page.


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  1. I would bet your new lambs are going to grey. Their dad is Ag, and they have a pretty typical coloring for lambs that are Ag.



  2. What unbelievably adorable lambs!! I can’t get over how TINY they were. Sure are growing well though. It seems that mom wasn’t too sure about this lambing thing but got the hang of it pretty quick! Amazing what a couple of days in the jug will do…



  3. Wow, those are small. And you have a Nikon D40(X?) so pull that out. 😛



    • I LOVE my Nikon. I do take many barnyard pictures with it, however, I found I am more comfortable with throwing my point-and-shoot in my lambing bucket. And I don’t mind grabbing the p & s if I have a bit of lamb “schmutz” on my hands. I do need a p & s for those times when I am in the middle of shepherding, or barn-mucking, or whatever.



  4. Aw, they are SO cute Terri! Check their little packages to see if they are frosty colored or solid colored. That will give you an indication if they got Ag from their dad. Ag = frosty, Aa = solid. Also, watch their faces for signs of sugar lips — I know it’s hard with all that spotting, but time will tell. We’ve never had such tiny ones – so cute!!!



    • I looked at their packages and they both looked black. I think one of them looks like he may have sugar lips. So we will see. I spent some time in the barnyard today taking pictures with my Nikon. The one little guy still has the floppy ear. He looks pretty comical with his spotty coloring and floppy ear. I think I will name him Jester and his twin Chester.



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