W i t h d r a w a l…

I am in withdrawal.  It’s been sixteen days… I’ve gotten panicked more than a few times already.  So far, I’ve been able to talk myself away from the edge.  The “edge” of what?  I’m not really sure, but that is the phrase.  The “edge” of sanity?  The “edge” of reality?  The “edge” of – THE EDGE?  Trophy Husband would say (tongue-in-cheek, I think) I have already been to the edge and back many, many times throughout the course of our lives together.

Imagine that you go to sleep one night and the world is fine – the crickets are singing, a cool breeze drifting in the window, and coyotes howling in the distance.    (Call me crazy but I like hearing their calls – but not too close. )  The animals have completed their lazy evening graze.  They’ve brought themselves in from the field and tucked into the barn – llamas, ewes and lambs mingled with each other.  Looking out the kitchen window, one sees a brown, tan, white and black patchwork quilt of wooly lumps.  Recently the lambs have taken to climbing on the backs of the kushed (sitting) llamas.  Amazingly, most of the llamas don’t seem to mind.  Oh, a llama might look to see which lamb is jumping around back there, but then returns to chewing the cud.  To me, this is a wonderful testament to how well they are all bonded as a flock, or in llama terms, a herd.

Okay, now it’s time to cue the music from the movie “Psycho” – the shower scene specifically.  The next morning I woke up to find – insert music here – that my laptop screen had died!  MORE MUSIC, MORE MUSIC!!  My laptop is about eight to nine years old.  A Compac Presario with an Intel Centrino processor.  It has been very trouble free for all these years.  TH also has an HP that has given him no problems.  So I have been researching a new HP laptop.  Right now my laptop is hooked up to our old desktop monitor.  TH says I need a 12-step group for my computer addiction.  I admit it…but I’m not in any hurry to go looking for that group!  I can hadle it…really…I can.

I will finish this post with a very fun picture of our guard llama Rudy with his charges.  These two girls are Little Red Oak Lyra’s twin Bluefaced Leicester-Shetland Mule ewe lambs.

Rudy and lambs 2009

3 responses to this post.

  1. Life without a computer screen would put many of us over the edge! I hope you find a new lap-top soon. I’m glad you were able to share some photos with us though. I want to see more cria pictures. 🙂



  2. My husband is convinced I am addicted to the computer as well. I showed him; I left the laptop at home on our recent six-day trip! Of course, I managed to find the business center at both the hotels we stayed in, so could at LEAST keep up with email….



  3. Um. Mom. You call ME dramatic?

    (I am lucky. Good Man would totally understand my freaking over a dead screen. He’d be at the computer store before I was even done whining about it. :P)



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