Take a Moment

Helena and Chev 23 2009Cheviot #23 and BFL Cheviot Mule Helena.  I LOVE this ewe lamb!  She is full of life, playful, happy and a sturdy, strong little girl.

Chev 7 w ewe llamb Lily w ram  lamb

This picture is a few weeks old.  Cheviot #23 in the foreground; behind her is Cheviot #7 with her ewe lamb Fiona.  Sadly, Cheviot #7 has not recovered from her disk issue and we will need to put her down.  Her lamb is my favorite ewe lamb so far.  She is friendly, like her mother, has great structure and fleece.  In the background is BFL Shetland Mule Danny-Boy, ram lamb of moorit Shetland Lily.

Bella w ram lamb 2009

This picture is also a few weeks old.  This is Shetland Little Red Oak Bella with her BFL X ram lamb.  His fleece is looking nice.  I may retain him as a whether pending evaluation of possible Shetland ram lambs.

We are waiting around for the last few Shetlands to have their lambs.  Come on girls — we can hardly wait any longer!!

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