Fiber, fiber, fiber!!

I am really just getting started on the blog and website, Needless to say, not everything is posted yet. Yes, we DO have fiber for sale!! I am still skirting, washing, and carding my last few Shetland fleeces and Llama fiber. I have been taking photos but do not have then posted yet. Please go to the website and send an email. I will get back to you. Our llama fiber is from our Argentine llamas, known for their fine, soft fiber. The llama fiber is a rich, warm brown from Karma; a prize winning grey brown from Nessarose; and white. At this time, I have a “cloud” of llama fiber ready.

In Shetland terminology, our available Shetland fiber is white, musket (oatmeal), several shades of black, several shades of moorit (brown), iset (black w/grey fibers). At this time, I have batts of musket, white and black.

Again, at this time, please email for pictures, samples, and/or prices.

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